Burlesque Lessons with Miss Sugarpuss

sugarpuss-e1311286286949Miss Sugarpuss is popular Burlesque performer in Montreal.  Yesterday Barb coaxed me to join her for burlesque lessons with Miss Sugarpuss in St. Laurent.  It’s no secret that Barb is a fan of burlesque.  She’s already taken me to two shows since I’ve moved to Montreal.

I’ll be honest I was hesitant at first because of my loyalty to running and yoga.  How was I ever going to find more time for another activity?  However, since moving to Montreal back in May I’ve learned to be more open to try new things.

Who is Miss Sugarpuss?

Miss Sugarpuss’ real name is Holly and she’s one of the coolest people I’ve ever meet.  She’s absolutely stunning both inside and out.  This girl has performing in the Burlesque scene in Montreal since 2007.  Her classes are fun and humourous while teaching women how to become confident and sexy.  And they’re a totally body workout.

One of Barb’s favourite quotes she shared me afterwards:


I’m seriously considering signing up for Miss. Sugarpuss’ classes permanently.


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